Giacomo Uguzzoni


»Be formless, shapeless, like water[…]Water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.«

Bruce Lee

Marketing Manager

Area of Expertise
Search engine advertising (SEA)

The trait that has shaped me most in my life is my adaptability. I have always managed to adapt flexibly to a wide range of circumstances and mastered every hurdle. This will and the ability to observe problems from an unusual perspective is the result of my eclectic education. It has enabled me to acquire knowledge in numerous fields of science. I attended an antiquity high school, where I studied Latin and ancient Greek works in addition to the normal subjects such as math, physics or biology.

Later, I completed my Bachelor and Master in Language and Literature. This training allows me to better understand, analyze and adapt human communication for marketing purposes. All the skills I learned during my studies have been successfully applied in my first job as Online Marketing Manager, where my desire for new knowledge has driven me ever further. With my habit of looking at events from different perspectives, I have been able to effectively support my clients. Now I am working at adojo in SEA and SEO and I’m thrilled to bring my skills to this team as well.