Jennifer Bäuml


«Success is not a doorway. It’s a staircase.»

Dottie Walters

Junior Marketing Managerin
B.A. Social Economy

Area of Expertise
Search engine advertising (SEA)
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Content Marketing

The quote from Dottie Walters shows what counts for successful people and companies – stay tuned. Success does not come overnight, but is associated with steady growth and perseverance. That translates well to online marketing, where the constant change leads to success being realized only in the long term, with ever new ideas and impulses.

Professional Background

True to the quote, I also try to develop myself continuously – which is why I have decided for a master’s degree in marketing at the Friedrich Alexander University after my Bachelor’s degree in Social Economics. Already during my bachelor studies I gained extensive marketing experience in various industries and got to know the exciting world of online marketing. The dynamic environment and the almost infinite possibilities have inspired me from the beginning. For the first time, I was able to delve deeper into online marketing with a working student job in content marketing in the financial industry. Now at adojo, the whole world of online marketing is open to me, and I’m delighted to continue growing at adojo every day!