Milena Hopp


»He who stands still, is standing in the way.«

Irina Schade

Senior Marketing Manager
M.Sc. Economic Science

Area of Expertise
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Content marketing
Social media marketing

He who rests, rusts!

True to my quote from Irina Schade I am always highly motivated to learn new things and to further develop myself. Standstill is never an option. This is one of the reasons why online marketing excites me so much – in this industry, there is constant change.

Professional background

Following school, I successfully completed my education as a foreign language correspondent English / Spanish and as a clerical assistant for office communication. After spending some time abroad in Barcelona, I began my bachelor’s degree with a focus on finance and marketing in Nuremberg with a good dose of Spanish joie de vivre. During my studies, I gained my first professional experience in online marketing and market research. Since the fascination with online marketing remained, I started my activity at adojo in March 2015. At the same time, I started a master’s degree in economics at the “Fernuni Hagen” for an optimal mix of practice and theory.