»That's clear as sausage water.«

Donald Trump


Area of Expertise
Feel Good Management
Sausage search optimization

Born and raised in beautiful Italy, I noticed early on my passion and affinity for food. That’s why I started a sausage factory in a small, tranquil suburb of Rome at an early age. Business was good, but in 2011, Berlusconi’s resignation and various differences with the mafia forced me to leave the country.

My way led me straight to the beautiful Nuremberg, where I kept afloat with temporary jobs in the area of food disposal. However, I quickly realized that I enjoy working with people and eating and therefore decided to combine these two components. In 2012 I started my studies as Feel-Good Manager at the Friedrich Alexander University in Nuremberg. After graduating with Magna Cum Laude, I joined the Nuremberg model company “Adiwuff” and made a career there. However, I aspired to more and switched to the best online marketing agency in Nuremberg in March 2015. Here I still feel very well and never want to leave again!