Philipp Dostal


»Be friendly, because everyone you meet fights a big fight.«


Managing Director
M. A. Economic Science, Middle Eastern Studies & Business Administration

Area of Expertise
Search engine advertising (SEA)
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Hotel business
Online Travel

Admiration for every company

The quote above expresses my admiration for companies and their stakeholders. Any company, no matter how small, can do great things to be excellent in its niche and to keep up with the competition. These companies are our customers.

At adojo we are fascinated by the business models of our customers. Our mission is to fully understand our customers’ products, markets, and strategies to deliver world-class online marketing services.

Professional Background

At the beginning of my professional career,  I started as a Sales Assistant at an online auction house in 1999. Shortly afterward, at the end of 2001, I had the great opportunity to found the hotel reservation portal There, I was building up online marketing, opening the first overseas branch in London (2006) and then have been responsible for the overall marketing until the end of 2011. After a parental leave, I founded the adojo GmbH with Sascha in April 2012.