Tobias Keil


»Good luck is a residue of preparation.«

Jack Youngblood

Head of Sales
B.A. Media Management

Area of Expertise

Professional Background

Since I started focussing on media management during my business administration studies, it was clear to me that I would like to work in this section. That’s why I started at the Müller Medien GmbH in Nuremberg, a large publishing house that has just completed the transition from print to online products and also created a separate digital branch by establishing and taking over its own online portals.
In my time there, I have worked at many departments and companies, with always putting my focus on the monetization of the individual areas. Afterwards, I continued on this path as Head of Sales of a start-up dealing with the digital lead generation for craftsmen, before I got to know the digital marketing in the whole range at adojo. I would like to use this knowledge to give companies the best possible advice and to show them the advantages of all the online channels for there individual success.