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Google AdWords: Reaching your target group online

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is – in addition to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – an important tool to shape your sales funnel in a successful way. SEA offers a clear advantage over SEO – You can generate qualified traffic for your website within a short period of time. The cooperation between SEO and SEA contributes to a long-term success of your business, giving you a competitive edge on the Internet.

Your SEA-Benefits at a glance

  • Top positions in search engine results
  • Near-term reach of customers
  • Specific budget control
  • Acquisiton of new customers
  • ROI
  • Increasing awareness

What is SEA?

SEA is paid advertising in search engines as for example google. By using relevant keywords, the matching text display ads are shown among the SERPs to your potential customers. Through targeted adverstising you avoid divergence loss and reach only the persons that are really interested in your products, services or business. SEA gives you the controlled opportunity to obtain top position for Google and to reach many potential customers in this way.

How does SEA work?

The starting point is the optimization and implementation of matching keywords into your SEA account. This is essential, so that your search engine ads can be shown to users that use the keyword in their search query and lead them to purchase desicions.

The headline, description and the shown link are parts of the text display. In SEA you also have the possibility to extend the ads text and add further sales arguments for the presented product. In this way it allows you to provide more information to the user than in traditional organic search results.

The position of your advertisement within the ranking is influenced by the relevance of the ad, the CTR (click through rate), the bidden click price and the quality of the landingpage. The CTR shows the relation between the frequency of on-screen display and the actual clicks on your ad. This means that you are only paying if your ad has been clicked by a user – this system is also called PPC = pay per click.

Besides the classical functions, SEA also offers a lot of further functions to reach your target group fast and in an efficient way. Among this, especially distribution channels as Google Shopping, blog, Gmail or YouTube are in the focus to help you to significantly increase your turnover on sales and brand awareness. The online market is constantly growing and becomes increasingly important. Start to use this potential and advertise with SEA. As an experienced SEA agency, we support you and bring out the optimum for you.

Why is SEA so important?

Search Engine Marketing allows a fast communication with potential customers. Seasonal factors or short-term events often can not be advertised by using SEO only. Address your target group directly and immediately with paid search engine ads. So you can easily bring the users attention to discounts and special events.

Keyword-Advertising is just the beginning!

Have you ever asked yourself where the ads before and in YouTube clips come from? The banner ads on websites? And the “pursuer”-Ads that are also named retargeting or remarketing banner? All of them is Google.

With the help of the division in search and display advertising we arrange your SEA in text- and image-ads. Aditionally you can place advertising in videos and on selected Google partner-websites. Visitors from your website that have not converted yet, will be re-targeted through remarketing. In this way, Google ties to give you the most possible attention.

Besides your success, the quality score is the most important indicator

Until now you have only heard about traffic growth and more conversions?

And do you also know the way that leads there? Minimal improvement of your quality score can massively reduce your costs per click and let you reach higher positions – and of course more traffic and sales for your business.

You wish for qualified AdWords-Traffic?

You can visit us in our office in Nuremberg and have a coffee with us or reach us via phone – We are looking forward to talk about your individual AdWords strategy. Let’s find out how to make your SEA efficient together!